Experience, expertise, and authority for an innovative, accurate and effective tax and legal advisory.

A reference point for Tax law in Italy

Founded in 1986 and with offices in Milan and Rome, Di Tanno Associati is long since a reference point in Italy for tax and legal consultancy in terms of competence, professionalism and vision.


This positioning has also been recognized at international level and has been made possible by the deep specialization and the distinctive approach of the Firm, solidly based on the ability to combine technical skills with a transparent consultancy model, focused on an adequately personal relationship.


The ability to listen and the consequent continual search of “ad personam” solutions of its experienced professionals, together with the talent of brilliant young people, allow the Firm to create value in particular, complex or innovative situations, where standardized or conformed consultancy is not sufficient.


In 2020 the Firm has developed a new Legal Area thanks to the acquisition of a new team of prominent lawyers with extensive experience specialized in the banking, financial and insurance sector.


Thanks to these synergies, Di Tanno Associati increasingly is an authoritative and reliable partner of some of the most important Italian and international investment funds, banks, financial operators and industrial groups, as well as a focused representative to the major national institutions – such as Finance and Treasury Parliamentary Committees, Banca d’Italia, Consob, Ivass, Abi, Assogestioni, Confindustria, Assoimmobiliare and AIFI – in the creation of new tax and governance models, which are rigorous but at the same time respectful of the customers needs.

Awards and Recognitions

Toplegal Awards 2022


Di Tanno Associati received the “Tax Finance – Firm of the Year” award with the following motivation:


“Point of reference in investments. Distinguished for original solutions to complex problems. The Jury appreciated the support in recent years to some private equity funds for tax aspects in primary corporate transactions and investments.”

Relationships, vision and specialization to fully manage complexity with reliability

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