Experience, expertise and authority for an innovative, accurate and effective tax and legal advisory.

Since 1986, we have been a reference point in fiscal advice, making a direct contribution to the evolution of the Italian tax culture and legislation towards a more modern, efficient and fair regulatory system.
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Our activities areas

Tax Law

Deep knowledge of the complex Italian law and flexible structure: thanks to these features, Di Tanno Associati is the point of reference in every area of tax legal advice – from business income to the preparation of the financial statements, from indirect taxes to litigation, from financial instruments to international taxation, also including the development of settlement agreements with the Financial Administration - and for every type of customer, from small, medium and large companies, to institutional bodies, to associated professional structures, to HNWIs.

Tax Litigation

Over the years, a strong expertise and a team of specialised professionals have allowed Di Tanno Associati to develop a consolidated experience in tax litigation at every level and in every phase of relations with its protagonists, especially with the Financial Administration. This kind of approach permitted the Firm to combine effectively the expertise of each professional with the sensivity necessary to understand and interpret the needs of the Administration, exploiting the crucial element of institutional relations and mutual recognition for a complete assistance throughout the entire process, with results always above the sector averages.

Investment funds

Since its foundation, Di Tanno Associati has emerged as one of the first firms able to manage the entire process of setting up Venture Capital, Private Equity and Real Estate funds and then following them, structuring, negotiating and realising investments, both nationally and internationally. In this sector, our professionals curated countless operations, often innovative or complex: from the first public or private contribution funds to the first takeover bids on closed-end funds, from fund mergers to the various and most recent collateral or transfer operations of alternative funds reserved to professional investors. A proven experience on the market has allowed the Firm to act with authority from the start-up phase, directly coordinating relations with the Supervisory Authority, investors and fund managers.

Extraordinary Operations and M&A

Multidisciplinary, competence, vision and relations skills have always characterised DI Tanno Associati’s method in the management of extraordinary operations and of high level and complexity M&A. A recognised specialisation which allows the Firm to face all the corporate and contract phases of the operations for every type of project, applying – where appropriate – a creative approach. In these contexts, the Firm professionals stand out for their experience and the ability to best deal with the operations tax issues, as well as their regulatory or supervisory implications when banks, insurance companies, asset management companies or other supervised entites.

Legal Opinions

A rigorous and scientific approach, analysis skills and professional arguments are the basis of the opinions expressed by Di Tanno Associati; concrete, innovative and reliable solutions that allow to guarantee to the customers high added value in every situation, thanks to the unquestioned authority of the Firm.

Tax Planning

Transparent connection with the Institutions and strict observance of law have allowed Di Tanno Associati to acquire a solid experience in the presentation of questions to the Financial Administration for a correct tax planning and in the conclusion of international rulings.

Regulatory and Corporate Governance

Our Legal Area professionals have matured a wide and deep knowledge of the supervised entities – insurance companies, banks, investment firms, asset management companies – both in approval processes (of business start-up or related to public or private offers or to quotations) and in current business operations. The assistance includes the advice to corporate entities, internal board commitees, procedures concerning conflicts of interest and related parties, interlocking ban, outsourcing relationships, public and Authorities disclosure.


A proven experience in the negotiation and arrangement of debt restructuring agreements and in Tax Transactions with the Financial Administration for financial institutions and entrepreneurs.

Banking and Finance

Thanks to its solid banking and financial skills, Di Tanno Associati can offer to its clients a complete legal and tax assistance on financing contracts, financial instruments, securitisation transactions, NPLs and UTPs.

Civil litigation

Thanks to the expertise of the Legal Area professionals, Di Tanno Associati provides assistance and specialised judicial representation, curating every litigation in the corporate, banking, financial and insurance fields. Our professionals ability in assisting supervised entities and their business figures in sanctionatory administrative proceedings brought by the Supervisory Authorities (Banca d’Italia, Consob, IVASS) as well as the defence activities in the different phases of the judicial redress procedure is widely recognised.


Awards 2022

At the Toplegal Awards 2022, Di Tanno Associati received the "Tax Finance - Firm of the Year" award with the following motivation:

"Point of reference in investments. Distinguished for original solutions to complex problems. The Jury appreciated the support in recent years to some private equity funds for tax aspects in primary corporate transactions and investments."

Other recognitions

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